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Three areas to watch out for in a SPLA audit

October 27 2020

At Livingstone, we are increasingly approached by service providers – systems integrators, hosting providers or any other organizations providing managed services to their end-user customers – to help them navigate Microsoft Services Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) audits. On the su... Read More Read More
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A best practice guide for IT procurement professionals

October 13 2020

IT procurement professionals face increased pressure to deliver efficiencies and cost-savings as businesses assess their finances amidst evolving demands.Finding innovative ways to deliver value back to the business and gain the competitive edge requires effective IT procurement processes. All soft... Read More Read More
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Why the public sector needs to optimise its software costs now more than ever

September 28 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has deeply impacted industries across the globe and the UK’s public sector has been no exception, with increased pressure felt beyond central government, impacting all public institutions. All eyes are on the public sector’s handling of the current situation, and o... Read More Read More
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Forget products, it’s time to understand your organisation’s portfolio of application services

August 24 2020

The old model of procuring IT is no longer relevant Traditionally, when organisations went about compiling their IT portfolios, the building blocks were made up of two things: the perceived IT infrastructure and the technological capabilities of both software and hardware. During this time, innovat... Read More Read More
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Re-booting ITAM for the cloud era

August 21 2020

Most US enterprises today have well organized, highly-skilled IT departments that are laser-focused on supporting and enabling wider business objectives. As part of this, the department typically has a dedicated software asset management (SAM) team, whose job it is to ensure that the company has the s... Read More Read More
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Careless talk: undermining your software vendor negotiations

August 12 2020

We know that getting into negotiations with vendors is a daunting process. There are many facets to consider, from having clarity on product requirements through to having a market view of what commercial terms you should be able to achieve. Being confident in your commercial position is a must, yet i... Read More Read More
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Do you know your audit risk? Part 2

July 28 2020

In my previousblog, I looked at the some of the most common triggers that will spur a supplier into asking to audit your IT estate. These varied from the differing ‘personality’ traits of various publishers, to global economic forces. These factors – and many more – all have a ... Read More Read More
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How to keep control of your BYOD usage

July 15 2020

A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy has long been a popular option for organisations and employees alike. Indeed, with much of the workforce now home-based, many enterprises will be seeing a new spike in the number of users electing to use their own devices as part of their daily job. This approa... Read More Read More
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Do you know your audit risk?

June 09 2020

When it comes to software audits, organisations typically keep a keen eye on the vendors that they spend the most money with. Afterall, if they’re audited by a tier one provider, the financial ramifications could be significant. Focusing on the bigger providers also makes a great deal of practic... Read More Read More
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The Software Vendor negotiation game has fundamentally changed, do you understand the new rules?

January 24 2020

I have worked across a wide range of Public Sector organisations with a multitude of software licensing programs throughout my career. Common themes always remain “am I getting a good value from my investment” and “do I have enough confidence in my current & future requirements t... Read More Read More
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Cloud Shock: what is it & why should you care?

April 17 2019

As a term, cloud shock has been with us a few years now, but it’ use is not yet quite yet sufficiently widespread to safely assume that everyone knows what you’re talking about when you say it.Cloud shock is, in very simple terms, the moment of realization that money being spent on cloud s... Read More Read More
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How to achieve the best outcome from your SaaS contract renewal and negotiations

November 19 2020

At Livingstone Group, we provide our customers with visibility of their entire SaaS estate and offer continuous advice on how to optimize their cloud spend. Our global team of Cloud Investment Managers assist clients on exploring the options available and prioritizing the actions that will make the bi... Read More Read More
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Managing software applications post-COVID

August 20 2020

As organizations settle into the new normal, it’s time to take back control of your software applications and address all the changes that will have been implemented during the Pandemic to allow ‘Business As Usual’ to reign. In this 15 minute session Livingstone Group’s Chie... Read More Read More
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A Blueprint for Public Sector Software Cost Optimisation

January 23 2020

In this 30-minute video Gareth Redshaw will share insights and recommendations that will show best practices to implement when negotiation with the mega vendors. In addition, you will learn how to optimise what you are purchasing and reduce what you spend. Gareth will showcase a recent example of a... Read More Read More
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Microsoft Cost Optimisation – Negotiating the best renewal

May 20 2020

In this 45-minute video Gareth Redshaw discusses key points that will help you optimize your Microsoft estate and validateyour Bill of Materials (BOM) to reduce your spend. He will share insightsand recommendations that will show best practices to implement when negotiation with Microsoft. Gareth w... Read More Read More
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Governing rapid IT transformation & increasing cloud consumption

March 16 2021

Innovation Martlesham, in association with TechEast,would like to invite you to another Breakfast Networking Webinar Event with Guest SpeakerChris Gough, Chief Strategy Officer, Livingstone Group VIEW BRIEFING>> The last 18 months has seen massive acceleration taking place in ho... Read More Read More
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Planning for a Microsoft renewal in 2021? Two key factors to bear in mind

February 01 2021

Microsoft’s ubiquity means a large number of enterprises and public sector organizations will be gearing up for a contract renewal exercise during 2021. As with all vendors, it is absolutely vital to start planning for renewals as early as possible (have a read of the blog from my colleague Ian ... Read More Read More
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Vendor audits are on the rise in 2021; here’s how to prepare

February 05 2021

Over the last three or so months, Livingstone Group has witnessed a marked up-tick in the number of audit letters and new audit requests being sent out to our clients. Our conservative estimate is that requests are up by 40 percent when compared to pre-pandemic levels. While worrying for ITAM profe... Read More Read More
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Best practice approach for Cloud Investment Management

March 12 2021

Many cloud guides often advise quick-fix tips and tricks on how you can strategically reduce costs. Instead, we want to provide a more holistic view of Cloud Investment Management, taking into account the wider processes and best practices, guiding you to better cloud consumption management and cost o... Read More Read More
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Managing technical debt and legacy investments: Microsoft SQL Server 2012

July 05 2021

In our previous blog, Understanding and eradicating your technical debt, we looked at the concept of ‘technical debt’ in software estates. At how, without proper attention to detail or if upgrades have been passed over one too many times, technical debt can accumulate massively. That, if b... Read More Read More
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The importance of choosing the right ITAM partner

May 25 2021

The need for software and cloud management has never been greater – spending on software and cloud solutions continues to rise in the changing world of work. With more people being empowered to make purchasing decisions, the ways in which we consume and deploy applications is continually evolvin... Read More Read More
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Microsoft end of year review

August 23 2021

I recently put Gareth Redshaw – our Director Microsoft & Cloud Consulting and resident Microsoft expert and thought-leader here at Livingstone Group – in the hot seat to get his perspective on the trends and changes in Microsoft software and cloud services from the past year. We also l... Read More Read More
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Microsoft Briefing Series

October 11 2021

Free On-Demand Video Series Register today using the form opposite Series of six short Microsoft briefings available throughout October and November, helping you to prepare for 2022. Please complete the form opposite and we will notify you when each of the videos and related content is released... Read More Read More
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