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The importance & value of Trustworthy Data – Part 2

June 08 2021

in Part 1 of 'Theimportance and value of Trustworthy Data', we looked at the reasons why it is essential to create a set of accurate, Trustworthy Data, outlining how to access and measure its value. In Part 2, we will provide guidance on the next stage; the cleansing and normalization proc... Read More Read More
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Managing technical debt and legacy investments: Microsoft SQL Server 2012

July 05 2021

In our previous blog, Understanding and eradicating your technical debt, we looked at the concept of ‘technical debt’ in software estates. At how, without proper attention to detail or if upgrades have been passed over one too many times, technical debt can accumulate massively. That, if b... Read More Read More
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The importance & value of Trustworthy Data – Part 1

June 07 2021

Accurate and insightful intelligence based on Trustworthy Data is an essential component of successful ITAM strategies. Only when organizations understand and manage this data can they use it to effectively inform compliance, contract, consumption and control – the four stages of ITAM maturity t... Read More Read More
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The importance of choosing the right ITAM partner

May 25 2021

The need for software and cloud management has never been greater – spending on software and cloud solutions continues to rise in the changing world of work. With more people being empowered to make purchasing decisions, the ways in which we consume and deploy applications is continually evolvin... Read More Read More
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Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures: Why it pays to keep ITAM in mind

June 07 2021

Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures are complex transactions that result in fundamental structural company change or transformation. There are many aspects to consider, from staffing and office space, to operations and finances – and, crucially, software and cloud contracts. Ensuring that ... Read More Read More
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Five ways to ready your organization for vendor audits

July 27 2021

Livingstone Group has witnessed a marked up-tick in the number of audit letters and new audit requests being sent out to our clients. Our conservative estimate is that requests are up by 40 percent when compared to pre-pandemic levels. While worrying for ITAM professionals and the organizations the... Read More Read More
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3 Key IBM considerations to keep in mind

July 30 2021

From how to plan your negotiation strategy to the importance and value of IBM’s License Metric Tool, our blog provides regular advice on how to get the most out of your IBM investment. With this blog, we look at three further considerations that you should always keep in mind when dealing with I... Read More Read More
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How Public Sector Organizations can meet their Carbon Footprint targets

August 17 2021

The UK Government’s new Procurement Policy Note (PPN) of 06/21 sets out its carbon reduction plans in the procurement of major government contracts, in alignment with the ‘Net Zero’ target – which aims for at least a 100% reduction in the net UK carbon account by the year 2050.... Read More Read More
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The importance of Trustworthy Data – Part 3

September 20 2021

Managing compliance, renewals & consumption successfully In Part 1 and Part 2 of ‘The importance and value of Trustworthy Data’, we looked at why it is necessary to create a set of accurate Trustworthy Data, and the cleansing and normalization processes of obtaining this informa... Read More Read More
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Microsoft Briefing Series

October 11 2021

Free On-Demand Video Series Register today using the form opposite Series of six short Microsoft briefings available throughout October and November, helping you to prepare for 2022. Please complete the form opposite and we will notify you when each of the videos and related content is released... Read More Read More
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Why it pays to start budgeting for your 2022 software & cloud renewals early

October 18 2021

Now is the time of year that many managers and business leaders are staring at spreadsheets even more intently than usual, as they find themselves deep in the process of planning their 2022 budgets, whether their financial year starts in January or in April 2022. Expenditure on software and cloud s... Read More Read More
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