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Why it pays to start budgeting for your 2022 software & cloud renewals early

October 18 2021

Now is the time of year that many managers and business leaders are staring at spreadsheets even more intently than usual, as they find themselves deep in the process of planning their 2022 budgets, whether their financial year starts in January or in April 2022. Expenditure on software and cloud s... Read More Read More
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The Perils of Oracle Java

October 28 2021

In 2019, Oracle changed its licensing practices for its open-source programming language and development platform software, Java. The changes meant that, while individual developers could still use the tool for free, organizations now had to buy Java as a product. However, in September 2021, Oracle... Read More Read More
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Women in Information Technology Roles

October 21 2021

Careers in IT and technology have traditionally been male-dominated, and although gender diversity is gradually increasing across the sector, there is still much work to be done to improve equality and opportunity for everyone. The ITAM and licensing industry has seen a big increase in females filling... Read More Read More
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Livingstone Industry Highlights November 2021

October 22 2021

Livingstone Group's Software Asset Management and Licensing specialists provide insights and experiences through our monthly Industry Highlights. These insights are a compilation of news and press releases that may impact your business’s upcoming software renewals and estate. Fina... Read More Read More
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