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Livingstone’s Software Asset Management Managed Service Value Add

November 03 2021

Recently, during an initial meeting with a CIO from a large multinational headquartered in the US, our team was asked the question, ‘what makes you think you can optimize and manage our software, cloud and service licenses better than our current provider?’ Being asked a question like t... Read More Read More
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An introduction to our Microsoft Briefing Series

November 10 2021

What you need to know when planning your 2022 renewal Managing Microsoft investments and environments has become more complicated than ever for organizations. Not only are costs spiralling out of their control as a result ofunchecked consumption, but a lack of strategicintelligence, planning andfor... Read More Read More
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Episode 2: Microsoft Briefings: PowerBI & Power Apps

November 29 2021

In Episode 2 of our Microsoft Briefing Series, we take a look at Microsoft PowerBI and Power Apps, specifically looking at what’s changed and how organizations can optimize, forecast and leverage certain information during negotiations to get the best deal that suits their requirements and consu... Read More Read More
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Episode 1: Microsoft Briefings: Microsoft Price Increases

November 22 2021

In Episode 1 of our Microsoft Briefing Series, we discuss Microsoft’s upcoming price increases, planned to hit specific products on 1st March 2022. We discuss the impact these planned price increases will have on existing Microsoft customers, as well as the best way organizations can prepare. Th... Read More Read More
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Livingstone Industry Highlights December 2021

November 26 2021

Livingstone Group's Software Asset Management and Licensing specialists provide insights and experiences through our monthly Industry Highlights. These insights are a compilation of news and press releases that may impact your business’s upcoming software renewals and estate. Fina... Read More Read More
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