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Understanding the rules of Microsoft negotiations

June 30 2020

At Livingstone Group, our team has decades of experience with a wide range of organisations on a multitude of software licensing programmes, yet there are common questions that always crop up: am I getting good value from my investment? do I have enough confidence in my current and future requirements... Read More Read More
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Do you know your audit risk?

June 09 2020

When it comes to software audits, organisations typically keep a keen eye on the vendors that they spend the most money with. Afterall, if they’re audited by a tier one provider, the financial ramifications could be significant. Focusing on the bigger providers also makes a great deal of practic... Read More Read More
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Understanding and eradicating your technical debt

June 04 2020

As we continue to while away the hours in lockdown, we have been provided with the opportunity to reflect on some of the indirect issues revealed by COVID-19, including where the need to implement rapid business transformation has been hindered by the unforeseen consequences of historical IT technical... Read More Read More
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