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Microsoft Best Practice Negotiation Guide

A guide to negotiating with Microsoft  - striking the optimal deal

Livingstone Group | Microsoft | Negotiation Guide

Contract negotiations with Microsoft have become a top priority for all IT and Procurement teams. The rapid digitalization of business processes means that, for nearly every organization, this supplier underpins their daily operations and constitutes a sizeable, growing proportion of their total expenditure.

Microsoft often comes to the negotiation table better prepared and with a clear view of their solution and commercial offering. This eGuide is designed to redress this imbalance, empowering Procurement and IT professionals to capitalize on these important business opportunities, and maximize the value derived from their organizations’ software and cloud estates.


Livingstone’s guide for best practice Microsoft negotiations explores:  

  • The importance of getting multi-year Microsoft negotiations right avoiding long-term consequences and missed opportunities
  • Preparation is key - optimize your Bill of Materials by factoring in your future requirements
  • The art of negotiation - a practical 9 step guide to delivering a deal that delivers optimal commercial and contractual outcomes
  • Post signature best practice - ensuring continual vendor and consumption management
  • The value of Independent advisors. 




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