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Livingstone Group becomes a Corporate Partner of Bletchley Park

Livingstone Group is delighted to announce that it has become a new Corporate Partner of Bletchley Park, the world-renowned site of World War Two codebreaking and a birthplace of the modern-day computer. The Group’s vital support will assist in the creation of a world-class destination for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning and research, and will enable visitors to continue learning about technology pioneers and their contemporary legacy.

Home of British codebreaking and the root of modern information technology, Bletchley Park played a major role during World War Two, most famously decoding the Nazi’s Enigma machine. The intelligence it produced had a profound impact on the outcome of the conflict and for the past two decades the site has become an internationally-celebrated heritage attraction, educating visitors about Bletchley Park’s history and acknowledging the work of its Codebreakers.

“We are thrilled to be supporting a place of such historical significance,” said Perry Fawcett, CEO at Livingstone Group. “The advancements in modern IT that were made at Bletchley Park continue to have a massive impact on today’s digital-first world, an influence that will endure well into the future. As a birthplace of modern-day computing and software technology, Bletchley Park is a fitting partner for us at Livingstone Group and we are delighted to be helping with the site’s continued development.”

Livingstone Group joins a variety of other partners – including GCHQ, Microsoft, BT and Goldman Sachs – in supporting Bletchley Park, allowing it to continue championing innovation and linking its story to the challenges faced in today’s technologically complex society. Earlier in 2020, Bletchley Park Trust announced plans to develop new exhibition spaces, a Collection Centre and a Learning Facility in order to preserve and enhance Bletchley Park as a world-class visitor attraction and educational centre. Livingstone Group’s support will help enable these developments.

“As a respected company that focuses on Software and Cloud Computing Portfolio Management, Livingstone Group is a natural partner for Bletchley Park,” said John Palser, Head of Corporate Development at Bletchley Park. “Its support will help to increase access to the centre of our historic site, securing our collection and inspiring our 21st Century audience in the place where history was made. Livingstone Group will play a key role in securing the legacy of Bletchley Park’s codebreaking and technology pioneers. Together, we can use the innovations of the past to highlight the importance of technology and communications now and for the future.”

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