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Contract Renewals Management

A complete solution for controlling renewals & reducing costs

info@livingstone-group.comContract renewals present one of the best opportunities for organizations to control software and cloud costs. Having rigorous processes to validate renewal requirements and understand consumption is now an absolute must. However, one of the big challenges remains the ability to implement and manage an effective Renewals Management System and supporting process that keep requirements and costs under control.

Livingstone provides a complete lifecycle solution for Renewals Management, providing the technology, process and expertise that help clients get their renewals under control and drive significant cost benefits:

  • Renewals Management Portal
  • Renewal Lifecycle Support
  • Organizational Change Support

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Renewals Management Portal

The core of this service is our ability to deliver Trustworthy Data that supports our client’s renewals processes. This is delivered within our cloud based HUB platform, where contract and entitlement data is centrally stored, catalogued and managed. HUB allows you to effectively manage workflows around renewals, ensuring key tasks in the process are completed at the right time through alerts and notifications.

Our Hub platform also provides information regarding the consumption of software and cloud, allowing stakeholders to validate current and future consumption to understand exactly what their future needs are…

  • Provides Trustworthy Data for contracts & entitlements
  • Enables planning, tracking & optimization of renewals from a single portal
  • Makes access to calendar, list & dashboard views of renewals easy
  • Create alerts that provide early warning of renewal actions – 30, 60, 90 & 180 days in advance
  • Supports the advanced planning & execution of administrative actions
  • Self service – IT owners can upload purchase & contract data into the portal anytime

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Renewal Lifecycle Support

The administration for renewals processes can be onerous, our renewals service provide clients with robust and efficient renewals processes that allow them to outsource the administration of them. Our service allows clients to track and manage their renewals, providing vendor expertise and administration where required.

  • Collation & validation of renewal metrics, including quantities & justifications
  • Standardize data and documentation preparation, including vendor specific true-up or other related reporting process
  • Track & administer organizational changes that have contract implications (e.g. support for mergers, acquisitions & divestments), where there are strict contractual obligations
  • Assist with uploads of purchase & contract data into our HUB platform

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Organizational Change Support

Organizational change can be one of the major factors that cause an escalation in IT costs, or if managed correctly, can be a driver for significant cost reduction. Our SAM experts are on hand to support clients through major organizational change that could impact software and cloud contracts. Whether that be through business transformation or through structural changes that have legal implications (e.g. mergers, acquisitions or divestments).

Our team of licensing and cloud experts help clients understand the impact of organization change on renewal requirements and costs. Our service allows clients to take a pro-active approach to renewals optimization as part of the change process. By showing clients how they can be smart with contract change, we have saved them significant costs over the years.

  • Support for change planning, where there are strict contractual software maintenance obligations
  • Identification of contract changes that may drive preferential outcomes
  • Mitigating hidden risks of support costs, where value is minimal or not required
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