Rationalization Management

Only pay for licensing & subscriptions that you need

One of the main reasons software and cloud investments are likely to yeald poor returns for many organizations, is when there is little or no proactive technical and operational rationalization of their usage taking place. Livingstone helps it’s clients keep their usage of cloud and software to a minimum through the provision of highly effective rationalization services.

Our Rationalization Managed Service ensures that our clients have the best trustworthy data and Lifecycle Management processes to maintain a focus on minimizing unnecessary cloud and software costs.

Software Metering & Re-harvesting

Our Software & Cloud Rationalization service can be tailored to our clients unique needs to include the following…

  • Metering & re-harvesting of licensing from servers & users
  • Recovery of software licensing from decomissioned devices, which can be redeployed for new requirements
  • Subscription re-tiering – where product or cloud service needs can be maintained through a lower cost subscription
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Licensing Allocation & Deployment Consolidation

  • Tracking the allocation of software licensing & services against previous user request justifications – to ensure continued usage is necessary
  • Tracking changing physical or virtual server infrastructure – identifies opportunities to change or consolidate licenses in order to reduce costs
  • Monitoring changing software support dependencies – to minimize server maintenance requirements
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Application & Cloud Rationalization

  • Product rationalization analysis across applications & cloud services – to de-duplicate similar cloud & software products in deployment that reduces support & lifecycle costs
  • Analysis of cloud workloads – to rationalize cloud instances by improving utilization
  • Tracking cloud server deployments against planned lifecycle – ensures workloads are decommissioned efficiently
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