Audit Risk Assessment

Keeping you compliant & in control

Managing software publisher compliance is often one of the most time consuming elements of delivering ITAM governance. Getting to trustworthy data from which compliance positions (Effective Licence Positions or ELP’s) can be accurately obtained can take months or in some cases (for complex organizations) years. Compliance positions can change quickly, sometimes with considerable and expensive consequences.

To be effective in mitigating compliance risk, ITAM professionals need to spend time within their organization working with the people who’s actions (mostly unintentional) contribute to the risk. This requires policy, process, education and knowledge resources, working with the organization to help deliver better awareness and practice.

Many professionals do not get the time they need to improve better practice and knowledge because they end up spending their time trying to pull together data from across their organization to understand, in the first instance, what their compliance risks (and financial liabilities) are.

Livingstone Managed Services are there to protect customers from the negative impacts of vendor audits by providing compliance reporting as a service. By working with customer ITAM professionals, we take away the time consuming task of getting to trustworthy data for compliance to allow them to focus on pro-actively preventing compliance risks occurring in the first place.

Our service updates your compliance position across specified vendors and provides detailed recommendations to mitigate risks and optimize your estate. Using our ITAM platform LUCE and the experience of our leading licensing specialists, the service provides a single view of your compliance position and reports the compliance risk with the context that allows ITAM stakeholders and decision makers to deliver their IT service safe in the knowledge that compliance risk is being managed.

Livingstone Group is independent and provides a completely bias-free reporting service. We do not transact software licenses or cloud subscriptions. Our advice is impartial which is essential to ensuring that customers know they are receiving a truly trustworthy data driven service.

Compliance Reports

We provide clients with ELP dashboards and reports that allows them to understand the usage and compliance of publishers across their software and cloud estate. Our analysis focuses on the licensing metrics and contract terms under which the software has been purchased to ensure that we understand what compliance issues may exist and any financial risk that could be present.

At the core of our compliance services is our LUCE platform, this delivers the trustworthy data from which the compliance findings are derived. Within the platform, we have analyzed contracts to establish licensing entitlements, allowing us to provide updated compliance risk positions. Our reports make context driven recommendations that put our clients firmly in a well prepared state for potential future vendor audits, often to the extent that the vendor will not continue with an audit as they can see the that there is little commercial value in doing so. Covering most vendors, our compliance managed services deliver:

  • Full visibility of major software publishers, including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP & Salesforce
  • Calculation of financial risk from under-licensing or over purchasing
  • Risk mitigation & technical rationalization recommendations with planning & action tracking
  • Validated positions delivered monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on client preference
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