Cloud Consumption Reporting

Ensuring cloud costs are tracked & predictable

As organizations increasingly consume cloud subscriptions, so the complexity of tracking and predicting subscription and pay-as-you-go related costs also grows. Cloud cost control is rapidly becoming the #1 financial problem for many organizations. Establishing a trustworthy data source and baseline is a key prerequisite to effective cloud cost governance, but many struggle to get ahead of the cloud data curve because of ineffective tools and complex data.

Livingstone has a number of services that support clients in proactively managing their cloud costs. Our clients benefit from the visualization of integrated consumption data from across their cloud and virtual data center ecosystems. We provide a single pane of glass that makes their consumption visible and allows them to implement controls that can be proactively managed, optimizing and predicting their cloud usage.

Cloud Consumption & Trending

There are few organizations where the cost of cloud based services has remained within budget, especially where PAYG models are consumed. Much of this overage could have been prevented either through better cost forecasting and planning, or through more proactive governance intervention.

Livingstone’s LUCE platform produces detailed dashboards and reports showing stakeholders how they are likely to consume cloud services. Our cloud monitoring services then continually validate the consumption to ensure that it remains within the forecasted consumption profile, alerting the clients to any consumption trends that will likely create commercial risks if unchecked.

  • Forecast consumption models updated with planned consumption change and new requirements
  • Cloud consumption dashboards & reports providing clear and accurate consumption analytics across native & hybrid cloud ecosystems
  • Integrated cloud financial risk reporting & mitigation planning
  • Long-term trending reports & consumption modelling data.


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Cloud License Usage

An essential part of optimizing an organization’s total cloud cost is the efficient and effective use of legacy software licensing. Livingstone’s services track the deployment and consumption of cloud based licensing within complex IaaS environments.  Integrating with the various provider discovery services, our service provides reports on the deployment and usage of software licensing, validating risks as they are discovered.

This service allows a client to validate the use of licensing within cloud environments, ensuring that they meet existing licensing terms and conditions, avoiding compliance risks and highlighting future growth costs. Where the service is providing tracking of on-premises and cloud licensing usage, it also provides information to support the optimized migration between these environments.

  • Visibility of cloud licensing usage
  • Analysis of future licensing consumption due to cloud growth
  • Licensing rationalization analysis & recommendations
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Billing & Cost Reporting

Our trustworthy data services can also provide cloud consumption reporting to a wider set of organization stakeholders, who may need consumption and cost analysis reporting to support their own internal financial processes outside of IT.

Our reporting services can provide consumption reporting for specific organization stakeholders based on a specific set of environmental measures:

  • Spend breakdown via a single portal view of cloud providers (inc. Microsoft, AWS, Azure & Google)
  • View of cloud spend across separate billing regions, entities & departments/business units
  • Provision of data to support cost optimization & spend governance processes
  • Assesses key workloads where migration may reduce cost
  • Trend analysis monitors growth & change to improve budgeting & forecasting processes
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Crown Commercial Service Supplier

Our Cloud Services can be procured by Government and other Public Sector bodies through the UK Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) G-Cloud 12 Framework, our services are now listed on Lot 2 – Cloud Software and on Lot 3 – Cloud Support services. Our group is also able to provide services G-Cloud through the Digital Outcomes & Specialists 4 framework, for more information please visit our news page or the CCS Digital Market Place.

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