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Compliance Reporting Services

Keeping you compliant & in control of your vendors

Software vendor audits can be unexpected, unwelcome, disruptive and costly. We protect organizations from major vendor audits and resulting negotiations that can lead to unfavourable commercial terms having to be accepted.  We will periodically review your compliance position with key vendors, providing detailed recommendations that help optimize your license deployment and reduce both risk and cost. We will also provide advice on license and cost optimization for business as usual deployments and projects.

A key benefit of working with the Livingstone Group is that we provide a completely bias-free independent set of reports and recommendations. As we do not transact licenses or subscriptions, we have no interest in you taking more licenses than you need or following a vendor’s preferred licensing path if it’s not right for you. We will get you the best deal for your software and cloud consumption.

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Effective License Position Reporting (ELP)

We provide clients with regular intelligence required to fully understand the usage of defined products across their software and cloud estate, including any options or management packs deployed (which may also be licensable). We assess a client’s contracts to determine their existing licensing entitlements, allowing them to have full visibility of any non-compliance or surplus licensing. Our ELP Reporting service will make regular recommendations that put clients firmly in control of future vendor audits and negotiations.

  • Major software publishers, including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce & ServiceNow
  • Calculation of financial risk from under-licensing or over purchasing
  • Risk mitigation & optimization recommendation with action planning & tracking
  • Report and reviews delivered monthly, quarterly, or annually.

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Audit Support

We help organizations remain compliant, avoiding financial penalties, unnecessary costs and risk for a defined number of in-scope software publishers. This includes the creation of baseline, effective licensing position and expert advice on how to minimize compliance risks, as well as optimize legitimate costs. Our team of SAM experts will also be on standby to defend your organization against audits as they arise.

  • Collate data from all relevant sources
  • Conduct a forensic analysis of your data to assess your risk profile
  • Implementing best practice process & governance
  • Key stakeholder engagement (inc. IT, procurement, finance & security)
  • Assist you in negotiating from a position of strength

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Mitigation & Optimization

Our highly experienced team of licensing and vendor specialists are supported by Data Analysts, Entitlement Managers and Negotiation Experts. They are focused on keeping our clients compliant, optimized and in control, turning risk into an opportunity to get a better deal from their software publisher. Whether you have an in-house SAM and legal team or not, our specialists can make the difference between a multi-million-dollar settlement and a much more attractive outcome.

  • Clear action plans & roadmaps mitigate identified risks
  • Regular reviews identify optimization opportunities
  • Support with vendor negotiations help secure optimal outcomes

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