ITAM Tools+ Services

Realize the full value of your ITAM Tooling investment

We are here to help you deliver your IT Asset Management program, unlocking the full potential of your chosen SAM, license management or inventory reporting tools. Trustworthy Data is a vital requirement for ITAM, configuring, administering and managing tools however, is not always the best use of time for professionals who are trying to focus on working with their organizations to drive the outcomes of ITAM. 

Equally, those individuals who have tools as part of their ever growing list of responsibilities simply do not have the time or skills to manage them.  Livingstone provides cost-effective services to support the management of your SAM related tools.

Our service catalogue supports the entire tool lifecycle from ensuring that you choose the most appropriate platform for your organization, to automating key functions and reports. Our team of tooling experts will help you get the most out of your existing technology platform, providing skills and experience to optimize your tool functionality and deliver the maximum value from your tool investment.


Tool Health Checks

For many ITAM programmes, success is dependent on a number of key factors, one of which is the ability of their tool to deliver the requisite level of trustworthy data. Individuals can spend many frustrating months or even years trying to get their tools to generate meaningful reports.

It is critical that the ITAM tool has been deployed, configured and integrated correctly to achieve trustworthy data for the systems and publishers on which it is focused. Livingstone provides services to deliver a state assessment of the tools and provide the client with a remediation plan to attain delivery of trustworthy data as quickly as possible.

The Health Check service helps you:

  • Understand the accuracy & completeness of discovery & entitlement data, validating the quality of the tool reports
  • Identify upgrade and platform performance requirements
  • Plan remedial action – understand the configuration & changes needed for the platform to operate correctly
  • Identify management requirements to ensure the tool continues to deliver good data
  • Assess future integration options with ITSM for optimized processes & workflow
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Remediation – Configuration, Integration & Trustworthy Data

Livingstone can provide you with the tool expertise to remediate any technical and operational issues that may exist with your tools.

  • Data quality – discovery, connector configuration & integration
  • Dashboard configuration & reporting
  • System automation & task schedules
  • System functionality & management alerts
  • Operational management best practice
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Tooling Advisory Service

Picking a tool that will support the trustworthy data delivery of your ITAM strategy is critical to overall success.

By understanding your ITAM tooling needs and understanding the capabilities and constraints of the market leading products, appropriate choices can be made.

Technical capabilities in areas such as discovery, cloud, contract management, automation and process workflow all have varying relevance across different organizations.

Livingstone can provide independent and impartial advice when selecting your ITAM tools. As a trusted advisor to many organizations, Livingstone helps clients make the choices that are right for them to meet their specific needs.

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Tooling Design & Deployment

Getting your trustworthy data architecture right is critical to ITAM success. You need to ensure your new tooling is designed and implemented to meet the complexity and integration challenges in your organization. Over 40% of IT projects fail to deliver original stated objectives because enough thought and planning was not conducted during the design and implementation stages of the process.

  • Clear technical objectives & requirements
  • Architecture designed to deliver accurate device & software visibility, scalable to the organisation
  • Vendor specific needs for license & cloud entitlement and compliance reporting requirements
  • Data and reporting quality checks defined and measured
  • Tool & platform management requirements understood and configured
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Tooling Management

Once your tool has been deployed, we are able to offer a range of management and administrative services that keep your chosen platform running optimally and reporting accurately. These services can be tailored to your scope and support needs.

Our services include…

  • Administration
  • Management
  • Maintenance – including upgrades, technical fixes & patch management
  • Backup and security monitoring
  • Platform monitoring to agreed SLAs
  • Data checking & cleansing services
  • Regular platform health checks
  • Custom dashboards & report creation
  • Training & user support
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ITAM Tooling as a Service

As an accredited partner of many of today’s leading ITAM Tooling providers, we are able to provide their platforms as a hosted service, delivered by our team of qualified support staff.

Allowing us to implement solutions more quickly, our hosting service removes much of the tool management overheads for customers and provides them access to the latest software versions and capabilities of the tools routinely.

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